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Payment Methods

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Payment Policy

In order to schedule your appointment, payment must be made in advance for all Dr. Rachel Kohler’s services.

When making your payment via PayPal, you will receive a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours of payment. You will then be contacted via e-mail to arrange your appointment time.

Re-Scheduling Policy

Please provide a minimum of 24 hour notice by calling my office if you need to re-schedule. You will be given my office number in an e-mail. I cannot accept an e-mail notice, due to my busy work schedule.

All forms of payment you make, including PayPal , are non-refundable. No credits or refunds will be given. There will be no exceptions. So please choose your scheduled time and date wisely.

I appreciate your understanding regarding my policies.

By reserving an appointment, you acknowledge that you have read and accept Dr. Rachel Kohler’s policies.


An in depth & detailed analysis of present conditions and your immediate future (3 months). Your questions on relationships, finance, career, health, spirit guides and spiritual development.

Any predictions given in a Psychic Reading are valid for a three month period only. I suggest you consult me approximately every three months to see what the future holds for you.

If you are self employed, a business or corporation owner, please order the Business Consultation.

Psychic Readings do not include a business analysis nor provide any information relating to these categories.

Psychic Reading / Animal Communications Reading


A brief analysis of present and future conditions. Three question limit.

Tarot Reading


If you have been experiencing low energy, recovering from an illness, accident or surgery or have suffered the loss of a loved one, Chakra Balancing Sessions will heighten your energy level, increase your awareness and bring you a feeling of peace and well being. These sessions are also beneficial if you are experiencing stress.

Chakra Balancing Sessions


A series of 3 Aura Cleansing Sessions will cleanse your auric field and adjustments will be made for optimum protection.

Aura Cleansing


A Past Life session will identify people in your present life as well as your past lives. This consultation will answer the "why" of your connection to a person.
It can also help you better understand yourself and learn of any leftover experiences that you need to heal.

Past Lives Consultation



My past experience as a financial counselor combined with my mediumship abilities will analyze your business or company in detail. This may include personnel, location, best employees to hire or discharge, etc.
I provide detailed descriptions and guidance to cover all facets of your business. The goal is for you to achieve optimum success and profitability.

Business / Corporation Consultation


Learn why you are here, what your talents are and how to achieve your life purpose.

Life Purpose Consultation


Soul Mate Consultation


Learn how to protect yourself from negative energies/spirits/people. Includes two one hour sessions for a two week period.

Psychic/Spiritual Protection Course

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