Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, MsD. holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics.

My primary function is to provide information and counseling, based on the energy you emanate. In my practice, I perceive and receive impressions of health, finance, relationships and emotional issues. I am not, and do not represent myself as a physician. I do not diagnose nor treat disease, nor prescribe medication. It is imperative for you, the client to follow the advice of a licensed physician.

Any information I provide for you in a consultation or otherwise is for your exclusive use, bearing in mind that you have free will, and at no time will I tell you what course of action to take. Any action or non-action you take resulting from my impressions is entirely your responsibility. By engaging my services herein, you agree that you hold Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, LLC harmless and free from any fault and liability in any verbal, written or implied communications which are related to you or any one that you inquire of, or any situation thereof.

I authorize Dr. Rachel Kohler to process my credit card and by this transmission I accept all terms thereof. This disclaimer also applies to payments made via money orders.

No refunds or credits will be given for Dr. Kohler's services to said client for services rendered in accordance with her fees and schedule, for any reason.

E-mail consultations are non-cancelable & non-refundable, once requested, due to internet & e-mail time constraints.

Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, LLC, 2019

“Awaken Your Spiritual Consciousness”
Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, LLC

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