Avoid Psychic Scams

The popularity of consulting psychics, mediums, and other spiritual counselors has increased tremendously due to economic conditions and a fast paced world. With the internet, you now have thousands of psychics to contact.

Hopefully, this list will be a guide as to what to watch out for and who to stay away from. Your money should not be spent on charlatans.

A practitioner who has ethics and integrity will not engage in:

*The Curse Scam

When a psychic offers you a free reading, and then says you are cursed, you should realize you are being set up. They try to scare you into paying a large amount of cash to remove the curse. It is like a Ponzi scheme, because once you pay them money, they will ask for more money to buy candles or pay them to pray for you. You are being scammed, dear one.
Another trick they use is to tell you to carry large sums of money and when you show the money to them, they pretend to tear it up or remove it from you because they have to ‘cleanse’ the money.

*The Cursed Egg

You been told by the scam artist that you have a curse on you and to bring an egg to them. The egg is switched and magically the egg, when cracked, has blood or a slug inside. The psychic tells you this is proof you are curse

*Invade Your Privacy

Everyone has personal boundaries and personal space. No professional psychic should invade your privacy and attempt to ‘read’ you without your permission. This practice has occurred many times. I have been told stories of phony psychics stalking people, so be wary. Now, if you contact a psychic for guidance, you have given them permission.

*Selling Items

If the psychic tries to persuade you to buy candles, crystals or other tools that are very expensive, this is a warning to walk away. They use the guise that the item will protect you from evil spirits or negativity. The key word here is ‘expensive’. No candle or crystal costs hundreds or thousands of dollars!

*The Co-Dependency Scam

If your psychic counselor is trying to convince you that you NEED them to help you with your issues and life challenges, don’t believe it! You contact them for help, but the power to change your life is within YOU, and only YOU. The crooked ones want to manipulate and control you.

*Too Many Questions

A talented psychic should not ask you a lot of questions. On occasion, some questions may be asked, but generally not. It is best for you to ask the psychic a specific question, such as “What can you tell me about my current relationship?” Note: some clients like to ‘test’ psychics by being too vague or evasive. That puts up a block for the legitimate psychics to read for you.

*The World’s Greatest Psychic

This is one of my personal favorites. You contact a psychic and they brag about how great they are, are consulted by stars or are internationally known. This does apply to some psychics but bragging to convince you to book an appointment immediately is high pressure selling. A loving psychic has learned the lesson of humility and does not need to elevate themselves to lofty standards.

*Unclear or Vague Prices

Legitimate counselors will advise you of their fees upfront. Beware of any psychic who says your fee is different from what you were quoted at the time you scheduled your appointment. If someone asks for more money for candle burning, healing, removal of negative energies, curses, etc. for large sums of money, grab your purse or wallet and run! Some legitimate psychics can clear negative energies in homes or businesses for a fee; that is fine. Just make sure you are comfortable with their fee and ask for references or review their client testimonials.

*The Psychic Line Scam

You call for a reading and the psychic keeps talking, trying to keep you on the phone for as long as they can. There should be an even flow of information coming to you, and the psychic should know that your questions have been answered. Or the psychic may ask if you have any more questions at which point you make the decision to continue with the reading.

*The Lottery Scam

A dishonest psychic offers to give you winning lottery numbers and most times for a very large fee. Some psychics do offer lottery numbers, but that is included in the reading price; not extra.

*Predicting Timelines

Many in the psychic counseling profession predict timing of future events; some do not. If a prediction is given to you and it does not happen, do not blame the psychic. But rather examine if you or someone else had a role in changing that prediction. Most often, that is what has happened. An ethical psychic will tell you that the future is not written in stone. When you have an intuitive session, it is akin to taking a ‘snapshot’ at the time of your reading. What action you take afterwards can alter the manifestation of the future event. At Best Psychic Directory, Bob Olson has a video titled “Predictions” and I suggest you view it for more clarity.

The bottom line here is to trust your own intuition. No one in our profession is always 100% percent accurate all of the time. You have your own free will; learn to trust it.

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