Lectures and Seminars

I am available for lectures and seminars in the Charleston, SC area. I am a motivational and information speaker who provides simple but sound solutions to the challenges life presents.

Some topics:

  • Psychic Police Investigations — The role of a psychic in police investigations
  • Psychic and Paranormal Phenomena — Ghosts, haunting, psychometry
  • The Benefits of Meditation — How you can use meditation to gain inner peace and more
  • The Metaphysical Approach to Your Money, Health and Career — Utilizing the Laws of Physics and Spiritual Laws
  • Attracting the Right Career for You — Discover what your talents are to be successful
  • Is Everyone Psychic? Discover your hidden power
  • Are You a Victim or Survivor? Learn the difference and how to change

If you are a Rotary Club, Women’s’ Club member or a small group contact me at for more information.

“Awaken Your Spiritual Consciousness”
Dr. Rachel S. Kohler, LLC

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